Roller derby teaches women confidence and to how to be Unapologetically themselves

NY Gotham Roller derby women are  Unapologetically themselves and want other goes of the NY Gotham Roller derby  to be Unapologetically themselves in any situation they might find themselves as well

We all have a wild derby girl inside, think like her, act like her, and be Unapologetically yourself always
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Interactive: Mobile Game 
To become a roller derby girl, it takes a lot of hard work and preservation. The game allows the player to get a taste of how hard it is to be a derby girl.
Pop- Event : Derby in the park
It’s hard to get people to attend a game they are not familiar with, so why not take roller derby to the people, to raise awareness of the game in hopes to get more people to attend the game.
With Derby in the park, it would showcase roller derby in a fun, entertaining way; it would not be a match but a performance.
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