The Challenge: Samsonite seems to struggle when it comes to attracting a younger audience. With a generic online presence, their brand recognition is non-existent. Our goal was to create a digital-first campaign to encourage more young travelers to choose Samsonite.

The Insight: Social media, particularly Instagram, made traveling a lot less special. In the age of influencers and trendy getaways, it became harder for people to have a unique traveling experience.

The Idea: It’s the savvy way.
We created a campaign that applauded travelers, who are looking for unique and savvy ways to travel and encouraged them to do that in the company of the savviest travel bag yet - Samsonite.
Introducing Sir Nite
We partnered with IBM Watson to create Sir Nite - the AI that can help you upgrade your travel plans from scrollable to thumb-stopping. The AI bot scrapes the most untagged and undiscovered locations to offer you a truly unique travel itinerary.

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Samsonite Microsite:
To give a curated travel itinerary, Sir Nite needs needs a bit more data, so as travelers begin to plan their adventure, Samsonite created a single location platform, where  the savviest Samsonite collection brings value to an adventure made just for you.
Instagram Stories
We created a series of Instagram stories where Sir Nite suggests savvy travel destinations and smart luggage options to match.
Instagram Suggestions from Sir Nite:

Direct Message
Traveling to trendy locations can be quite disappointing, especially if what inspired you to go in the first place was a photoshopped influencer post. Sir Nite will scrape Instagram to find the most disappointing travel posts and DM those travelers with ideas on nearby places to visit instead.

Sir Nite x Google Maps
To be part of every step of one’s travel itinerary, Sir Nite partners with Google Maps to demonstrate an On/Off feature and leverages current  location being visited to explore like a local because it’s the savvy way.

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