Canada is often cited as one of the happiest countries in the world. Sonnet, a home and auto insurance provider based in Canada, values this happiness and strives to protect the same.

In our campaign “Sonnet, your Guardian Angel", we introduced a mascot named Trusty Timmy. The mascot embodies the top five things which Canadians love the most - Beaver, The Royal Mounted Police, the maple leaf, the hockey stick and the popular donuts. These represents their national pride and happiness. Trusty Timmy's character is filled with optimism and the need to protect, as a guardian angel would - traits that one would expect from Sonnet's brand. 

We approached our print campaigns with a cheeky and cheerful tone to reach to our target audience – Millennials, who would only find humor in the copy and execution of our ads. Even during crisis, Trusty Timmy brings in a smile to Sonnet’s 
Character Design 
Landing page 

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